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Release Spotlight - April 13, 2023

On Thursday, April 13, Child Care Seer® will release our latest update to all customers. In this release, you’ll find many exciting new features and updates including CACFP food reporting, immunizations tracking, bus scheduling, FREE summer camp curriculum, and so much more! Keep reading for more information on everything that is included.

Food Reporting

Much anticipated food reporting is now available in Child Care Seer! Designed to support CACFP reporting needs, you’ll find a brand new section on your Reports menu – Food! Whether you want to see details about meals served in your center today or download last month’s summary report to submit for reimbursement, it’s all available in Seer. Be sure to adjust meal times and reimbursement rates for your center, and then start tracking! Please visit our knowledge base for help using your food reports.

Child Care Seer Weekly CACFP Food Report

Multi-Center Dashboard

Although Child Care Seer is designed by owners and directors for owners and directors, we have been much more focused on directors, until now! Center owners, get ready for lots of exciting new features designed and developed specifically for your unique needs as a child care business owner. New in this release, and only available in Child Care Seer, look for the Multi-Center Dashboard! Now you can see important real-time data for all of your centers all in ONE place! We’ll show you how many emails are waiting for reply in Center Inboxes, how many children and staff are currently in each building, unpaid balances for all locations, all expirations, and we’ll even keep an eye on ratios and other Current Issues. IN ONE PLACE. No need to switch accounts or remember which centers you already checked in on. Find something you need to investigate? Simply click to go directly to the corresponding action area!

Child Care Seer Multi-Center Dashboard showing key information for several centers at once.

Seer Education Tool Box (Curriculum)

Did you know that Child Care Seer can be your solution for curriculum? Powered by CLC Education, the Seer Education Tool Box delivers a Virginia Department of Education approved curriculum (toddler through pre-K) directly to your Activity Planner. As a special preview offer, join the Callahan Explorers in Adventure Land 2023 (summer camp) for FREE! If you would like to sign up for the summer camp offer, or preview our school-year curriculum, please email customer success at or hit the help button and let us know you’re interested in learning more.

Immunizations Tracking

It’s finally here! Now you can track immunizations for every child in Seer! We’ve already loaded the standard immunizations and doses specified by the CDC, but you may add, delete or change these settings in My Center. Look for a new Immunization tab on the child’s profile page which will automatically populate required dosage dates based on the child’s date of birth. Simply click the box to enter the date or record the decision to opt out of an immunization. Seer can track immunizations due soon or overdue center-wide! Simply enable this feature in My Center, and we’ll add a special system tag with due date and dosage details to any child that has at least one immunization due. Immunization tracking is also included in the new Expirations Aging Report and Dashboard Tile (keep reading for more info), as well as the brand-new Child Immunization Expirations available on your Reports menu.

Seer child immunizations showing several vaccines overdue

Bus Scheduling

Do you have children that arrive or depart the center via bus? If so, the new Bus schedule is for you! You’ll find this new feature on the Scheduling menu, as well as the child’s profile page. Simply add all bus rides to and from your center, then assign children and staff to the bus as needed. Last minute change? Simply add or remove an assignment – updates are automatically posted to anyone viewing the bus schedule for the day! Our favorite part of this feature: it’s available on mobile!!! Staff can simply take their phone when meeting the bus to see exactly which children are expected to get on or off the bus! For more details on how to set up this amazing new feature, visit our Knowledge Base article.

Child Care Seer Bus Master Schedule for a daycare center