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Our Story

Child Care Seer is all-in one solution that helps run centers of all sizes. Built by childcare center owner for child centers owners.

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The story of Child Care Seer begins in the middle of 2017.

Tom Callahan, our founder, was looking for a local investment that would positively contribute to the community. He landed upon a local child care center for sale nearby where he lived. After acquiring that business, he brought on a center director and started operating the first Callahan Learning Center location with her in August of 2017.

Tom wanted to bring his wealth of knowledge from other industries to child care and looked for tools and processes that would help his daycare business grow. In doing so, recognised that many of the industry leading daycare management tools were not fit for purpose.

In an industry where over 55% of the costs are labor, the best-in-class tools were unable to manage, let alone proactively plan, the labor optimization of the service they were providing. At best, they kept time cards with no resource management layers focused on optimizing profitability! Additionally, the software could only manage either full time enrollments, or hour driven care but not both for the same family and not well at all when it came to non-subscription (in other words, not weekly all week) plans.

In early 2018, Tom searched everywhere for a tool that would bring together schedule management with operating a child care center and its unique challenges and found nothing on market that even came close. There were many tools and some had the shadow of the pieces needed to bring technology to this important problem. Being a serial entrepreneur, Tom saw an opportunity to build this tool and could envision what it must be capable of in order to serve his child care business and believed such a tool could have broad market appeal in the industry.


In July of 2018, Tom resigned as the CEO of his existing business and pursued the opportunity to create this much needed tool for his daycare and others like it . With the assembly of the initial team of others in the child care industry, Tom sought to develop a product that could predict and optimize profitability and utilization of child care services.


Since 2019, we have been dedicated to building an amazing child care services platform that has the key features needed to operate a child care business, including best in class programs management (pricing), scheduling (labor), family involvement (parent engagement or family connection), and much more into a core platform that is uniquely positioned to solve one of the biggest problems in the child care industry - Tom’s original problem in his childcare center – the mismatch of supply and demand and optimization of profitability.

Believing in the solution provided by Tom's vision he wanted to make it accessible to everyone and not hoard it for only his own schools to use. That is the foundation upon which childcare seer is offered to the community at large. He truly believes that by bringing efficiency into child care we can have a way to compensate the hard-working teaching staff better, be able to operate child care centers with higher profitability, and most importantly provide this much needed service to the community at a lower total cost to the parents

About Tom

Child Care Seer Founder


Tom Callahan is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned executive with a track record of starting, growing and leading companies of all sizes. He came to the child care industry after more than two decades in the software and technology industries, where he invented multi-million-dollar product lines and guided multiple startups from cradle to exit, including his last startup selling for over $200 million in 2019.

Tom owns Callahan Learning Center, a Virginia-based child care management company that operates centers providing high-quality and highly flexible child care.

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