Improve Your Daycare Business by Focusing on Operational Excellence

A continuation of "Improve Your Daycare Business by Focusing on the Three Pillars"

Operational Excellence

How are you meeting expectations every day?

When it’s your job to win parents’ trust in your abilities to care for their children, it’s easy to slip into the mode of offering subjective and abstract qualifiers like “nice” and “the best” as you talk about your business. True quality is all about consistency. Define your expectations, communicate them clearly and achieve them on a daily basis. Improvement comes from raising expectations over time. Knowing what you want to do and doing it well is what operational excellence is all about. This pillar encompasses all of the things that are necessary to run your business on a day-to-day basis.

Know Who You Are, and Who You Want to Be.

Assessing the quality of your business and improving that quality starts with having an objective view of the current state of your operation. This is something that a great many businesses don’t take the time to gain. You do yourself no favors as a business owner by pretending that you are something you’re not. Your customers, teachers and children know exactly who you are. Ask them—whether through surveys, analyzing trends in customer and staff retention, or frank conversations. Compare the picture you get with your goal for what you want your business to be. Change does not come from simply stating your goals—you must take deliberate steps to implement that change.

Leverage Licensing

In most states, daycare licensing covers the bare minimum requirements needed to run a serviceable childcare business. While many daycares see the licensing process as something to simply endure and check off the list each year, that is missing an opportunity. The regular process of bringing an outsider into your daycare business is an opportunity to look comprehensively at how your business will be seen by those not familiar with it. This is an important opportunity to harness.