parents ready to use child care center software

For Parents


As a Parent, you will be able to keep track of your child’s class schedule, activities throughout the day, view and load wallet balances, pay bills via the parent portal, and update the school with your child’s information all from your phone.  

No app required.


Parent Portal


No apps to download, just view your child’s activities and schedule right from your phone

daycare parent portal software

Available on desktop and mobile, without the need to download an app


Manage personal and child information online, upload avatars and important documents


Request enrollments and hourly care, request changes, see the actual schedule


Pay ahead online, get notified when there are unpaid bills. Schedule payments on a regular basis.  Easily access transparent transaction history


Online Bookings


Easily send booking requests to the school to get your child into upcoming classes

online child carebooking software for parents

Request enrollments and hourly visits, request changes to the current or upcoming ones 


Get real-time notifications once your booking request, is reviewed


Create recurring visits, that will generate hourly care requests with prior defined parameters on a regular basis


Pay online in full or partially, or connect your card to never go unpaid


Pre-Paid Services & Online Payments

pre-paid services and online payment software for parents


View and reload your wallet balance to pay for classes and services at your convenience.


Pay using the card, cash, child or adult wallet. Do partial payments


Pay ahead. Be notified when there unpaid bills. Scheule automatic wallet loads or payments


Downloadable transaction history report, with details on all transfers between family, payments, added additional credits or charges, refunds


Use wallet loads, to always have a balance to cover small charges or other costs


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