For Teachers

As a Teacher, you can easily keep track of who is in your class, who is expected, how long they are expected to be there, and plan for changes in classroom capacity.

In-class Activity

Create programs for enrollment, keep track of attendance, class statistics, and much more.

Know who is planned and who is in the class at any moment

See planned and actuals in real-time

Assign, reassign, move between classes

Plan and track events

Get notified about issues and address them as they occur

See expected and real-time student to teacher ratio

Personal Schedule & Availability 

Keep track of planned and actual hours, effortlessly manage changes to your availability.

See planned activities, join and leave classes. 

Manage documents

Easily manage availability hours

Manage personal information

Get started today

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About Child Care Seer

Software that automates everything for your daycare, pre-school, early education learning center, or after school learning program.

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