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New Features Highlights 8 February 2021

You Can See the Future with Child Care Seer!!!

What if I asked if I could bring my 2-year-old child to care next Thursday afternoon even though it’s not part of my usual schedule? I’d be happy to pay extra for the inconvenience. Could you give me an answer? Would you just say no, leaving my money in my pocket, because scheduling visits outside of normal programs is just too complicated? How would you figure out if next Thursday afternoon was even a possibility given your staffing plans and schedules of other children?

Now, with Child Care Seer, you can confidently answer a question like this with just a few simple clicks! Visit our new “Available Slots” tab on the dashboard, enter the name or age of the child, then select the class(es) which could accommodate the child. Seer knows exactly how many spots are available every hour not just for next Thursday but all next week. And every week after that! Seer also takes into consideration your staff schedule and ratio requirements! Green means there are spots available, simply hover your mouse over any

slot to see exactly how many children you can safely add to that class.

Selling hourly care to fill your empty space and make extra profit just got a whole lot easier with Child Care Seer!

child care manager software dashboard

New Class Rosters and Improved Child Lists

Child Care Seer now makes it easy to download class rosters and child lists in many different ways. All roster options include contact information for all related adults at your fingertips!

To download a class roster, go to the class detail page, and simply click the Roster button. All staff and children scheduled for the day selected, along with contact information, will be included.

daycare director scheduling software

We’ve added more filters to the Children page. After setting filters, you can now download a detailed child list, including related adult information, for the children selected. Children can be filtered by age, home class, program enrollment, or even a list of which children are currently at the center. No more reviewing outdated rosters during an emergency trying to determine which children are actually present. Seer provides current contact information for every child in care at any moment that you need it!

We’ve also added an option to download emergency contact lists based on children’s home class.

daycare staff software tracking

Adult Mobile View Updated

We’ve made it easier for families to pay bills and book visits via their mobile phone. Check out the updated view with all important information available right on the home screen!

Pay your unpaid balance for the whole family with just one click of the pink button. Request an hourly visit without ever leaving the home screen. Easily navigate to each child’s account to view their upcoming schedule, load their wallet, upload documents and more! Oh, and in case you forgot your kiosk pin, we’ve kept that for you too.

Introducing Rate Overrides

To give you more power and flexibility in billing for hourly care, Child Care Seer would like to introduce Rate Overrides.

Maybe you have a special reduced rate for frequent hourly care users? Simply make that special rate an “override”, and then staff in permission groups with payment management will be able to apply that rate to any visit when creating or editing a request.

Maybe you want to charge a higher hourly rate after closing hours to encourage parents to pick up on time? Seer can do that too! Add a Late Rate in the Late Fees section, and Seer will charge your late parents by the minute at whatever rate you choose. Oh, and if the parent has a compelling circumstance, you can always override or remove that late charge if you wish.

To set up rate overrides and late rates, visit the Program page and select the Hourly Care tab.

Just Click the Help Button to Email Customer Success

Check out our new help button on the bottom of every Seer screen! Simply add a message and click Send.

Seer automatically records your name, email, and daycare information so that we can get back to you more quickly.

Keep watching the help button over the next few months as we add more ways to get the help you need to make your job easier!

Just Added, Roles and Permissions for All Staff

We at Child Care Seer care about the privacy of your staff, children, and parents, and we know you do too! In order to help protect the privacy of others, as well as restrict availability of sensitive business tasks (such as issuing credits or giving refunds), our software now has specific roles and permission groups. Do you have a teacher that also closes your center in the evening? Seer can help! You can assign more than one permission group to any user, allowing you to customize system access for any member of your daycare staff.

Assign roles and permissions via the staff profile page by clicking the arrow on the Edit Profile button.

Also, to help you keep track of which staff members can do what, we’ve added a summary section to Daycare Settings allowing you to quickly see which staff members are assigned to each role or permission group.

Join and Leave Classes Via the Kiosk

Staff can now change classes without interrupting your day at the front desk as they join and leave classes via the kiosk!

After checking in, your staff can now join or leave a class via the kiosk. As always,

staff can log into the kiosk using either the contactless QR code or their personal

access pin. Staff can see which classes are on their schedule for the day at the top

of the list, but they may join or leave any class in your daycare as needed.

Pay for Multiple Children at the Same Time

Save time and speed up your parents’ mundane task of paying their daycare bill. Now adults can pay unpaid services for all related children at the same time!

View the total unpaid for all related children from any adult profile page. Simply click the total to pay any or all charges at the same time, even for multiple children. This feature is now available to daycare staff, as well as via the Child Care Seer parent portal.

New Getting Started Assistant

Bringing your daycare online just got easier! Child Care Seer’s new Getting Started checklist will guide you stepby-step to onboard your daycare. Schedule a Go Live date and watch the countdown to Automating Everything with Childcare at your center!

Reports Added to Child Care Seer

- Wallet Reports

Wallets are one of the most exciting tools that Child Care Seer gives you to provide your parents with unparalleled power and flexibility managing their child’s account. And now we’ve given you even more with new wallet reports. The new Wallets tab on the Charges & Payments Summary will help you track money coming and going from all your prepaid accounts over the specified period. Instantly know how much money was added to prepaid wallet accounts, how many payments were made using wallet funds, and so much more!

Click the total wallet balance on the summary report to get a detailed view of which adults and children in your center have a prepaid balance available. This view is also available from the Reports main menu.

- More Details for the Charges & Payments Summary

You asked and we listened! We have added a detailed report corresponding to each section in the Charges and Payments Summary Report. Now it’s even easier to track all of your daycare finances.

It’s the Little Things...

Sometimes it’s the little things that make your job easier! Child Care Seer uses your customer feedback to make changes that help you. Some of the little changes you might notice in Seer:

- Fewer Clicks to Pay

Now you can pay a bill easily without leaving the child profile page! In the current services area, pay any service by clicking on the action menu.

- Daycare Short Name and Logo on All Pages

No more wondering which daycare account you are viewing!

If you have Seer accounts in more than one daycare, great news! We’ve added a Daycare Short Name to the daycare profile which will appear below the title on every page in Child Care Seer. In addition, you’ll see the daycare logo beside your personal avatar on every screen.

- Email Parents Easily

Do you want to send an email to all the parents with children in the two-year-old class? Or maybe you want email all parents with children in full-time programs to remind them that supply fees are due on Tuesday? Now you can! Simply select multiple children on the Children page (use our new filters to help!) and then click Copy emails. Email addresses of the child managers associated with selected children will be copied to your clipboard so that you can use your favorite email client to send a message.

- Send Verification Forms in Bulk

In November, we brought you child information verification forms to help keep your records up to date. Now you can send these forms to parents of several children with just a few clicks! Simply select several children on the Children page, then click Validate Info. Child managers associated with each child will receive an email allowing them to update child and contact information.

*Adults do not need to have a Child Care Seer account to verify their information via this form.

- Void Option for Past Services

Daycare managers can now void unpaid services that are in the past to help keep your books current. Items that are void will be crossed out and the amount due will go to $0. A reason is required and, please note:

*Void cannot be undone.

- Dispute Details

Although uncommon, a credit card dispute might happen to your center. The Child Care Seer customer success team is here to help! In addition, our software now provides details about your dispute and keeps you posted about the status as we go through the process together.

- Notification Settings – Decide How Much You Want to Know!

Do you want to know everything? Or maybe just the things that are important? Now available on your profile page, set your notification preferences to control how much information you receive.

Notifications and email settings are specific to each staff member’s permissions, and also available for adults on the parent portal.

- Page Loading Indicator

Tired of wondering whether Seer is still working to complete a task? Check out our new page loading indicator at the top of every page!


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