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New Features Highlights 29 January 2021

It’s All About the Money!

child care manager software dashboard
New Features Highlights 29 January 2021

We heard your feedback! We’ve combined all money-related information for children and adults into one location on the profile page, now called Money.

Previously information about transactions, services, automatic payments, and wallets was located in several different locations for one child or adult. We’ve kept our same informative views for each of these items, but we’ve combined access to each of them into one convenient location on the profile page. Now when you want to find out more information about your customer’s money, just click the Money tab!

Child Schedule Summary Now Easy to Read without the Scroll

daycare director scheduling software

Now on the child’s profile page, their schedule for the week is shown in one simple at-a-glance view. Don’t worry, we’ve only moved the previous chart to the Schedule tab to make room for more exciting features coming soon!

The child profile page has an updated look, featuring a new at-a-glance view of the child’s schedule for the whole week. The new format matches what shows on your main Scheduling view, allowing you to easily click to view next week’s plan, or review last week’s actual attendance.

If you loved the chart view of the child’s schedule, don’t worry, it’s only moved. You’ll find a new tab, Schedule, on the child’s profile page. Look for more new features with scheduling coming in early 2021!

Staff Mobile Login Now Available

daycare staff software tracking

Your staff members can now log into Child Care Seer on their mobile phone to view their schedule and update personal information, including updating their avatar and keeping track of their kiosk access code.

After you add staff members in Child Care Seer, be sure to invite them to join Seer via the Staff List action menu. They will receive a confirmation email and be able to start using Seer on their mobile phone or desktop.

From their mobile, your staff members will be able to view their weekly schedule at any time, including your future schedule plan as well as actual time spent in class on previous days. Staff members can update phone numbers, addresses, and emails on their phone, as well as add a recent photo to use as an avatar. In addition, the kiosk pin used by staff to check into your daycare is accessible via the mobile view, just in case someone forgets.

Parent Mobile Login Now Available

Your adult family members can now log into Child Care Seer on their mobile phone to book hourly visits, pay bills, update personal and emergency contact information, and more!

After you add an adult in Child Care Seer, be sure to invite them to join Seer via the Adult List action menu. The adult will receive a confirmation email and be able to start using Seer on their mobile phone or desktop.

From their mobile, your family members will be able to pay their weekly bill, request an hourly visit, view their kiosk pin, update phone numbers, addresses, and emails, as well as add a recent photo to use as an avatar for their child. Additionally, from their desktop, adults will be able to upload documents required by the daycare, view recent payment transactions, download payment reports suitable for tax submission, request enrollment in programs, and so much more!

Please note that Child Care Seer is not an app. The email received will open a weblink. For easy access, we suggest using “Add to Homescreen” from your browser menu to place a shortcut on your mobile phone.

New Child Information Validation Forms Now Ready to Use

With the click of a button, send information validation forms to adults with child management permission for any child! Adults will receive an email link to complete or update information for their child(ren), including picture, address, phone number, desired hours, emergency contact, and much more! Information is automatically saved in Child Care Seer and the original form is retained for your review at any time.

After you have added a child to Child Care Seer, including at least one related adult who is a child manager, you can send a link to allow the adult to fill in all pertinent information for their child(ren) and automatically upload it to Seer. Paper forms no longer required, data entry time required, and no more mistakes made entering information manually!

The account managing adult receives an email with a link to their child’s current Seer information. The link does not require that the adult has a Child Care Seer account, only that they have a valid email address. Adults can verify and/or update the information shown, including phone numbers and addresses, a recent child photo to use for an avatar, desired attendance hours, and information for additional adults on the account, including emergency contacts.

Information is automatically uploaded to Child Care Seer when the adult clicks Verify. Forms are stored in the child’s Documents area for your later review. We’ll even show the date that the information was last validated and by whom so that you'll be able to send a new validation form whenever this one expires!

Forgotten Child Check-Out Now Easy to Correct

Thanks to feedback from our user community, fixing forgotten child check-outs is now much easier to correct! Child Care Seer superusers can now set the date as well as the time on any child check-out. This means that when you come into the center in the morning, and you see that yesterday’s children weren’t checked out, you can set the date on the checkout screen rather than go to each child’s profile to edit their activities for yesterday.


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