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New Features Highlights - February 23, 2021

Adults Can Now See Your Calendar on Parent Portal

Encourage your families to take advantage of a new menu item on their Child Care Seer desktop application: their Calendar! When they select their child, Seer will show all of the programs and visits scheduled for that child. Adults who would like to see available space for an additional visit for their child can easily see the difference between the times you are completely full and when you have a potential opening for them. Even better, we’ve made it easy to request a new hourly visit or program enrollment right from the calendar page!

child care manager software dashboard

Of course, at Child Care Seer we also know that you want to remain in control of your center and what your families can do. You will still review and approve all incoming requests before any child is scheduled in your center. In addition, there are several new settings on the Daycare page that allow you to specify when adults see an available slot or turn off this feature entirely.

But, being a bit partial, we at Seer believe you’ll think it’s pretty cool to let your parents do some of your work!

Waitlist Construction Update

As part of our continuing plan to bring you powerful waitlist management in Child Care Seer, we’ve added two new updates this month.

Waitlist Info on the Programs Page

In addition to working with Requests and Enrollments on the Programs page, you can now see how many children are on the Waitlist for each enrollment plan. When you click on the number, you’ll see exactly which children are waiting for enrollment. Now, with a few, simple clicks, you can view requests, approve or decline them, and even schedule the child for a class.

Fewer clicks means you spend less time administering your daycare and have more time to work with your staff and children.

daycare director scheduling software

Adults Receive Email when Place on Waitlist

When you place a request on the waiting list, child managers who have a Child Care Seer account will receive an email to let them know. As always, they will also receive an email when the request is moved from the waiting list to either approved or declined status. Now your families can stay up to date without playing phone tag!

Speed up accounting tasks with our new Collection Report

Now you can reconcile your bank statement and account for every penny received via cash, check, or electronic payments. Child Care Seer’s new Collection Report displays all monies collected by your daycare, including payments for services, payments for extra charges, and wallet loads, all in one place! For your convenience, we’ve also included outgoing moneys, such as refunds and processing fees. If money has moved between Child Care Seer and your bank account, you can find it here! We’ve even included a filter option to sort by type of service or wallet loads. Once you’ve got the information you want in the viewer, just click export to download for print or use with other applications.

Roles and Permissions Info

Which staff members can view information or complete certain tasks is no longer a mystery for Child Care Seer users! We’ve added detailed information about which platform permissions are assigned to each group and standard role in Seer.

Do you want to know exactly what your teachers can view and change on a child’s profile? Click on any permission to see exactly which tasks are included. For instance, a family viewer can see home address information for a child, but family management permission is required to change the address. If you have a staff member that needs to have different permissions to complete their job, you can assign a custom group on their profile page.

We at Child Care Seer know that roles and permissions can be overwhelming. Please reach out to your customer success representative if you need help specific to your center’s needs.

Online Payment Minimum

Now in Child Care Seer, you can specify a minimum amount to charge via a credit or debit card.

We know that paying a processing fee on $1.36 hurts your business and raises an adult’s eyebrows. You can now set a minimum amount to charge on the Online Payments page in Daycare Settings. We’ve set the default minimum to $5.00, but you can change the online payment limit to whatever makes sense for your business standard!

More Things You’ll Notice in Seer...

Change Your Class Type

Did you accidentally create an educational class when you meant to make an administrative class? And now Child Care Seer constantly warns that you have extra staff in that class?

Not anymore!

Simply visit the Class page and select Edit on the action menu and those warnings go away.

Please note that class type cannot be changed to administrative if there are children assigned to the class.

Broader Tracking on Charges and Requests

Child Care Seer helps you keep track of who does what at your center by noting which staff member added a charge to a child’s account, or which employee approved or declined a request. Check out these new bylines at the top of all requests and on the child money page.

Print Validation Forms

We’re making it easier to keep your paper files up to date. Now you can download and print the most recent child information validation form as soon as your parents complete it online!

Download More Reports

For this release, we’ve added the ability to export all reports included in the Financial Transactions page, as well as the Credit Card Processing report. When you’ve got the information you need in the viewer, simply click the Export button to download as .pdf or .csv. Then, you can print or upload your file to another application as needed.

Wallet Balances on the Unpaid Services Report

To save you time and many clicks, we’ve added wallet information to the Unpaid Services report. For each unpaid account, in addition to connected adults, you’ll be able to see any child or adult wallet balance currently available. We know your business depends on getting paid, and Child Care Seer makes it easier for you to get paid on time!


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