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Child Care Seer Release Spotlight - September 29, 2022

On September 29, 2022, Child Care Seer® will release our latest upgrade to all customers. In this release, you’ll find many exciting new features and updates including access to our brand-new Knowledge Base, new reports to view and print, added functions via the mobile app, and so much more! Keep reading for more information on everything that is included.

Knowledge Base

Do you have a question about Child Care Seer? Now, instead of waiting for Customer Success to help, you can use the Knowledge Base to find your answer more quickly, even on the weekends! Don’t worry, the Help button is still your direct link to support anytime you need assistance. The Knowledge Base is simply another way to help answer your question and get you back to doing what you love.

You’ll find a link to the Knowledge Base on the Help button, on the Child Care Seer website, or you can go there directly by typing in your favorite web browser. When you arrive at the home screen, simply use the search box to find articles and videos related to your question.

Look for more improvements to the Knowledge Base over the next several months, including many more in-app help links. We would love to hear your suggestions for help topics as well as feedback on current content. And yes, we would still love to hear from you via the Help button to Seer Success!

Apple Login

In addition to Google and Facebook, users can now log in using Proceed with Apple on all Seer sign-in screens. When the email on your Seer profile matches your email on one or more of these social media services, use the button for quick entry to Seer without typing anything! Are you logging into the mobile app for the first time? Use the social media button of your choice there, too! We would love for everyone to use Child Care Seer, and we are excited to make it easier to do so! Please note, it generally takes 5-7 days after release before mobile app updates are available on the stores.

Uninvited users may request an invite

Often parents try to log into Child Care Seer before you’ve even had a chance to invite them. Now we are excited to be able to pass these invite requests along to the center! When we detect someone attempting to log in using an existing email that hasn’t been invited yet, we will give them the option to message the center to request an invite. When they select Request Invite, we’ll send a message directly to your Center Inbox letting you know that a parent or staff member would like to start using Seer. We leave it up to you to decide whether an invite is appropriate for this user.

Flexible Care & Daily Rates

We’ve renamed the Hourly Care tab to Flexible Care, and we’ve added a Daily Visit scheduling option to allow your center to offer even more pricing and care choices. Daily visits allow a child to attend for a full day at a set price rather than pay the hourly rate. You may have several special daily rates based on age or day of the week, and you may also set up Override rates for extra flexibility.

If you choose to make daily visits available on parent portal, families will be able to request daily care just like they can request hourly drop-in care. As always, parents make requests, but you have final approval over which children are accepted for care at your center.

Like other requests, when you approve a daily visit, Seer will automatically add the child to the schedule and add the charge to the child’s account. All you need to do is welcome the family to your center on visit day!

Print staff schedules, menus, rosters & more

Do you like to post your staff schedule and or weekly menu at the center? Now you can export both directly from Seer for print and display! Did you make a major schedule change mid-week? Simply click Planned and then export to print and display an updated schedule without showing all the actuals from earlier in the week.

With this update, you can also print an empty class roster to use as needed. This new feature is available on the Class detail page under the Roster option. Selecting Children Only will download a grid including children’s names and ages, while selecting Blank will download an empty grid to use any way you like.

In addition, we’ve added both Export to .pdf and .csv options to both the Unpaid report and the Aging report.

Mobile App Improvements

You’ll find several exciting updates to the mobile app in today’s release. On the Dashboard, we’ve added live ratios to the class rows. Do you want to see who is present or see what is causing a red dot issue? Simply click the arrow to expand each class row and see more information.

All staff may now view their Schedule Summary via their profile page on mobile. Staff can easily see how many hours they’ve worked so far this week, actual hours clocked last week, or even their schedule for next week, all with a few clicks! Thank you, Deanne in VA, for feedback leading to this improvement!

Customer feedback has indicated that most parents sign up for ACH payments via their mobile phone, so we’ve updated the ACH verification screens to be mobile friendly and easy to complete.

In addition, we’ve updated the Recipients list on group messages to display on mobile as well. Now you can see who has read an Inbox message from anywhere you are!

Other things you’ll notice…

Child Profile features added

We’ve added two new features to the family section of the Child Profile page. First, use the new Add Sibling option to quickly add a new child to the family and automatically add all existing family contacts as well. We recommend using this feature after you’ve added all adult relations to one child so that you don’t have to enter the same information twice. This option behaves much the same as Add Sibling in our Quick Family Add feature.

At Child Care Seer, we know that families come in all shapes and sizes. Now when you connect an adult to a child, you may select one of several options as their Relationship, or you may choose Other and specify your own! We’ll use your selection throughout Seer to help you easily remember the adult’s relationship to the child in your care.

Group check-in/check-out improvements

Did you know you can check children in or out as a group right from the Dashboard? Did you know you can do this from your mobile device as well? Just click the Actions menu! We’ve added the ability to filter by Homeclass or Tag to make it easier to find children quickly. For before & after care, we suggest creating a Bus category tag to easily group children for quick entry and exit. Thank you to Cynthia in VA for feedback leading to these improvements!

Payroll report

We’ve added a Payroll Report to the Staff Attendance section of the Reports menu. Intended to give a summary of hours worked over the period you select, this report provides total hours worked in each class for each staff member, as well as any Other hours added such as vacation, holiday, or sick time. Easily export information to send to your payroll service if desired!

Kiosk instant help

There is a new feature on the Child Care Seer kiosk! Click the ⓘ or the link to get immediate help on how to find your pin number. At Seer we know that parents are most important to your business, and we know that small features like this help to make them feel welcome and comfortable in your center. Go ahead, check it out!

Faster loading and totals on Children/Adult/Staff/Schedule pages

You may have already noticed that the staff, child, adult, and schedule tabs have been divided into pages for faster loading and searching. Additionally, we’ve added the total number of records found on the bottom left. When licensing asks how many children are enrolled, the answer is at your fingertips with just one click! This number is also updated when filters are applied, so you can just as easily tell how many children have unpaid services or how many 2-year-olds are enrolled. Thank you to Casey in LA for suggesting this much needed feature!


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