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Child Care Seer® Release Spotlight - July 13, 2021

Waitlist: New Scoring Helps You Sort

Having difficulty prioritizing your growing waitlist? Try our new scoring feature to help!

Visit Child Care Seer’s new Waitlist tab in the daycare settings area to assign a custom score, -10 to 10, to any Child Highlight in Seer. For now, child highlights consist of tags applied to a child, both standard system tags and custom tags your center has added. This means you can add any category that helps you make waitlist decisions and assign a corresponding score. Seer will total the score for each child to help you decide priority order in which to offer service to families. We’ve also added the ability to filter your waitlist by child highlight or score range. Remember: some child highlights are sensitive information, so be sure to make the tag Private when adding to a child’s profile information.

Staff Pay Rates

To help you keep all the information you need to run a successful business in one place, we’ve added Staff Pay Rates to Child Care Seer. We’ll help you keep every pay rate for every staff member, hourly and salary, from the day they were hired until next month’s pay raise. We know this is sensitive information, so while every staff member will be able to see their own pay history on their profile page, only center directors, accountants, and human resources roles will be able to view the new tab on the Staff page.

Other Things You’ll Notice...

Kiosk Updates

We’ve updated our kiosk to be more user friendly when viewed on a standard tablet. We’ve made sure the QR code is always fully visible so your parents can use contactless check-in with ease. We’ve also made it easier for Staff to join their assigned class when they clock-in or anytime throughout the day. In addition, if you allow it in daycare settings, parents can now check-in at the kiosk even when there is an unpaid balance on their account. Please note, kiosks can now be authorized and also disconnected from the Devices tab on the Daycare menu.

Pass Along Credit Card Processing Fees to Payers

If your state allows, you can now pass along credit card processing fees to payers in Child Care Seer. To enable this feature, please contact your customer success representative by using the in-app help button.

Rename Any Uploaded File

Did you know... your parents can scan any document required by your center and upload it to Child Care Seer using their phone! New in this release, you can rename the file as appropriate to help you find it quickly during a licensing visit.


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