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Child Care Seer Release Spotlight - December 8, 2021

Child Care Seer® Family Connection now available!!!!

After months of development, quality review, and a highly successful debut in our test centers, Child Care Seer® is proud to offer Family Connection to all of our customers! What is Family Connection? It’s the Seer solution to keeping your parents informed and engaged.

Just like everything else in Seer, we’ve designed Family Connection for daycare owners and directors by listening to and incorporating suggestions and feedback from daycare owners and directors. In this case, we’ve also made sure your families will love using Family Connection to receive updates from your center throughout the day. Read on for details about all of the newly released features and learn how Seer will help you to stay connected with your families!

Inbox Messaging

Your Daycare Inbox will help you to keep track of all communications between your daycare and your families. Whether you send a message to one parent or an announcement to all, you will find the Seer Inbox intuitive and easy to use. We make sure you never miss an incoming message or forget to respond to a conversation. Send a message whenever you like, whether or not the child is currently in your center.

Child Care Seer

To get started, just click on the messaging icon on the top of your Dashboard!

Child Care Seer

Parents can easily access their Child Care Seer Inbox via Parent Portal on their mobile phone, or by simply

following the link when notified of a new message via email or the Seer app.

We include Inbox Messaging with all Child Care Seer subscription levels.

Child Care Seer App

Child Care Seer

Your parents can stay connected throughout the day when they download the new Child Care Seer app on their mobile phone! Whenever your teachers add an entry to the Daily Journal, parents automatically receive a pop-up notification and a link to view what’s happening in their child’s day. Whether Mom wants to know when her child eats lunch or Dad wants to make sure that Aunt Jane picks up his son on time, Child Care Seer offers peace of mind throughout the day that they’ve made the right decision in choosing your center for care.

Daily Journal

Child Care Seer

At the end of the day, your parents will love the Daily Journal powered by Seer’s Family Connection. Shortly after checkout, Seer automatically sends a link to view the child’s day in full, including activities, pictures, meals and more! Parents don’t need to have a Seer account to follow the link, so they are free to share as they wish. However, they will need access to the Parent Portal to view previous reports and also to watch their child’s progress as the journal is updated throughout the day.

Easy to Add and Edit Journal Entries

Child Care Seer

At Child Care Seer, we want your staff to have eyes up paying attention and not eyes down on the device. We’ve designed our classroom interface with this in mind!

Large, intuitive avatars and icons let your teachers add a Family Connection entry to a child’s journal with a few simple clicks. Every entry, from the first health check to the final activity, has most-often-used items available with one touch and pre-planned selections ready to add. Adding a photo or a comment is also easily done with a simple touch. We even support speech-to-text on your device for those moments when a longer comment is needed. Seer lets you add an entry to one child or many, saving you time and typing!

Awaiting Release...

In your current parent engagement app, did you ever find a photo in a daily report that you wish had never been sent to parents, but now it’s too late? Child Care Seer is excited to introduce Awaiting Release to your Dashboard! As director, you get to decide how and when an entry is released to the child’s Daily Journal. Maybe you want to review every entry? Maybe you want to release entries automatically after 15 minutes? No matter what you choose, Seer puts you in control of the information leaving your center!

Child Care Seer

Food and Activity Planners

When your kitchen manager adds the weekly menu to the schedule in Seer, adding a food entry for a child becomes easier than eating! Quickly select how much of each item the child ate, snap a quick photo if you like, and the entry is ready to add to the Daily Journal.