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Child Care Seer is a Daycare Advisor in Your Pocket

Just like any master craftsperson, one of the keys to success is having the right tools to make the job easier.

“You have to take the bad with the good,” people say. We accept that there is no perfection in life, in a career, or in a spouse. We take a job or start a new business venture, knowing that there will be hard parts. There will be things we aren’t good at. Hopefully the things we enjoy and are good at will outweigh the rest.

But too much acceptance also leads to a failure to move forward and can impede our motivation to seek constant improvement. And what happens when that “bad with the good” ends up being the fly that spoils the ointment?

A case in point: the daycare owner/operator. This is a person who loves working with children and seeks fulfillment more than financial gain. She (the majority are women) starts out as an employee in a chain and soon begins to think, “I could do this better.”

The idea persists and begins to take root. She knows she’s not only good with children, but also at leading, teaching adults, and diplomacy. Even better – she can get stuff done, as she proves when she hangs out her shingle.

She may be the happiest she’s ever been, working with children and communicating with parents to provide the best care and education she can. Her success brings more clients, and soon she hires another teacher. Now she’s in the business of managing employees. But this is also something she’s good at. More and more successes follow. She’s moved to a bigger location and hired several more employees.

And one day she realizes that she’s spending more than half her time making schedules, keeping the books, and doing all sorts of administrative tasks. She doesn’t feel like she’s making as much of a difference in the lives of children as she wants, and that was the goal in the beginning, the impetus that started this whole venture. The present is not quite like the future she’d imagined in the past.

The Right Daycare Management Tool

But just like any master craftsperson, one of the keys to success is having the right tools to make the job easier. A cabinet maker could use a knife to do detailed cutwork on a piece of wood, and spend a lot of time and effort, and maybe it would turn out okay. Or she could use a fret saw, get a better result in less time, and create the product she had envisioned.

Child Care Seer’s daycare management software provides capable and talented daycare owners/operators with the tools they need to do their job as efficiently as possible. It’s a full-service childcare center management software platform that handles teacher schedules, room assignments, billing, check-in/check-out procedures, time sheets, and parent communication. Parents and teachers can view schedules from home. Parents can pay bills online, schedule visits, and check in their children using the software when they arrive at the center. The ease and flexibility of these features alone free up time and reduce hassles.

Why Our Child Care Management Software Is Different

Where Child Care Seer is different from other management software tools is that it provides the director with the capability not only to manage the present and view the past, but to plan ahead for the future. It’s not just a sharper saw, it’s a completely different type of s full-scale precision milling machine that can masterfully produce 10 times the amount of work.

With Child Care Seer, a daycare owner/operator can juggle two business models at once: the model where parents pay for a regular schedule of care Monday through Friday, and a model where available day care capacity is calculated and offered to parents who need it on a graduated pricing scale. In a world where traditional work schedules are changing, parents want and are willing to pay for more flexibility in childcare.

Trying to work out schedules and sell available space on a case-by-case basis is a task that would be time-prohibitive for the overworked daycare director. With the help of artificial intelligence, Child Care Seer’s daycare business management software does that work for the director. It tells her when space is available and allows her to sell unused spots at a higher price point. The software finds that “sweet spot” where profit can be maximized without sacrificing quality of care. Seer can also calculate when enrollment has reached a point that another teacher can and should be added and create new teacher schedules.

For the daycare owner/operator, Child Care Seer is a business advisor in their pocket. It frees time up from doing some of those tasks that were part of “the bad with the good.” It decreases the bad and allows her to spend more time on the good: communicating with parents, liaising with teachers, and ultimately providing that special brand of education and care that only she can give.


About Child Care Seer

Software that automates everything for your daycare, pre-school, early education learning center, or after-school learning program.

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