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Child Care Seer helps you with scheduling, waitlist management,

billing, payment, reporting, & family communication. 

Quick, Painless, and Easy.

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Compared to other childcare management programs, Seer makes everyday tasks simple and painless. The check in Kiosk helps with checking families and staff in and out. The automated payment option for families help ensure that payments are made on time to avoid the late fee. Parents also enjoy being able to see what their account Looks like from the Parent Portal.”

Karen – General Manager

Locust Grove, VA

"Seer has really made my job easy as a Program Manager - Billing is easy and painless- Class schedules are easily viewed and the parents love being able to access their child’s account! Looking forward to what the future holds and all the new features!”

Kaylyn – Center Director 
Fredericksburg VA

Childcare Made Easier

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Admissions & Scheduling

Schedule classes, track enrollment, manage registration. and see staff and children in real-time throughout the day.

Billing & Payments

Perform billing and invoicing, including partial payments, track account balances, print statements, and create reports.

Full Featured Pricing and Program Manage
Pricing & Programs

Manage all of your programs and

pricing options with ease to include

weekly, and even hourly care.



Create reports on revenue, attendance, class statistics

and many more items of interest.

Communication and Parent Engagement.png

Parent Portal

Keep parents up to date with their child’s daily activities and progress through our interactive parent portal.


Customer Management

Track leads for new customers and manage enrollment by matching your current openings to your families’ needs.


Immunization Tracking

Track and store child immunization

records, current vaccinations and

future immunization due dates.

Coming 2021


Meal Management

Plan menus for the week, track meals per child and easily perform nutrition analysis in real-time.

Coming 2021


Activities & Education

Create comprehensive early learning lessons or activity plans and track each child’s progress towards milestones.

Coming 2021

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Who uses Seer?

Built for daycare Business Owners, Learning Center Directors, Early Education Teachers, Kids, and their Families




For Center Directors & Business Owners


As a Center Director or Business Owner, you’ll be able to quickly view your school and see the most critical details of your business performance in real-time.

software for daycare center directors and owners
Live Status.png

Live Status 


Check the most up-to-date business status with our integrated dashboard and reports. See who’s in, who’s expected, and highlight areas that require your attention.

Class planning.png

Class Scheduling


Easily view, change, or schedule new classes to keep your capacity right-sized for your business goals. Manage changes to room capacity and sell excess capacity to maximize revenue.

Staff planning.png

Staff Planning


Be able to see in advance where to most optimally schedule your staff based on your specific needs. Plan staff in advance based on expected attendance.

booking requests.png

Manage Booking Requests


Get notifications for booking requests and update your waitlists. 

Money flow.png

Manage Financial Flows


Keep track of customer payments, wallet balances, and get notifications when an account is delinquent.


Viewing Reports


Create reports for any part of your business to aid in making the best decisions possible to maximize your revenue per student.

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daycare software for teachers
For Teachers


As a Teacher, you can easily keep track of who is in your class, who is expected, how long they are expected to be there, and plan for changes in classroom capacity.

In class activity.png

In-class Activity


Create programs for enrollment, keep track of attendance, class statistics, and much more.

Personal schedule.png

Personal Schedule 


Keep track of planned and actual hours


Managing Availability


Effortlessly manage changes to your availability.




For Parents


As a Parent, you will be able to keep track of your child’s class schedule, activities throughout the day, view and load wallet balances, and update the school with your child’s information all from your phone. No app required.

child care software for parents
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Touchless kiosk.png
Touchless Kiosk

Quickly check your child in or out using your phone.

Parent portsl.png
Parent Portal

No apps to download, just view your child’s activities and schedule right from your phone

Online bookings.png
Online Bookings

Easily send booking requests to the school to get your child into upcoming classes

Pre-Paid Services & Online Payments

View and reload your wallet balance to pay for classes and services at your convenience.

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