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Paperwork, paperwork, never ending paperwork!

The Reality of Paperwork

I know I am not the only child care director who had that pile of papers that needed to be sorted, filed and often, just discarded. It was always an organized pile- often separated by colored paper clips and post it notes to know which mini-pile was what. And no matter how many times you would tell yourself you were getting to that stack before you leave for the day, rarely did that happen. And then it got put off to the next day and the next.

Surprise! Inspection!

But on that next day your inspector walks in and little Johnny's updated immunization record is in that pile somewhere- you think. Panic sets in and your whole day has now gone down the drain like a sock in the 2 year old room toilet.

There needs to be an easier way...

We have all been there, no matter how organized you are. It's one of the areas of being a director that just needs to be easier. If only parent's could do more than just email records to you, or bring in another paper for you to set down on your desk for another moment in the day, that you may or may not have, to file it away.

Document management just needs to be easier. And with technology now-a-days, there should be an option. An option that actually works. A way to have not only have the children's documents together, but your staff as well. A way for parents self-upload a document into their child's account to help keep you up to date and compliant. A way to easily track those training certificates and TB test results.

Several child care software companies offer a way for a Director to send documents out to families and staff, but they do not allow for families to upload their own documents to their accounts.

Child care director using daycare software to organize paperwork at the center

Finally a Solution!

Well my friends, I have a solution for you: Child Care Seer Document Management. Parent's and staff that have a profile in Child Care Seer can easily upload any document into their account. Child Care Managers can set expiration dates on documents, which that in itself is a HUGE timesaver. All uploaded documents can be easily downloaded for files or inspections. The expiration dates help keep you compliant, and the process encourages your families to play a role in their child's account aside from just paying their tuition.

Staff can upload certificates, diplomas, references and more. And the more your staff is able to manage their profile, the less push back you will receive when something is needing to be renewed or updated. That is a win right there!

Don't just take my word for it, go check it out for yourself! Child Care Seer offers a free version where you can try it before you buy it, and a full recorded demo that you can watch on your own time. Saving time is saving money, and in return makes everyone happy.


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