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How Child Care Seer’s Software Makes It Effortless for a Daycare to Offer Hourly Care

With Child Care Seer daycare management software the full schedule and current status of each classroom is known at all times, along with the assigned teaching staff and expected children for each moment of the day.

At Child Care Seer, we know that not all childcare needs are static. While most daycares offer daily or part time programs, many hours that are available for care go unused and classrooms are only partially filled. This results in less profit for the daycare providers, and lower satisfaction for the families.

Child Care Seer is a childcare management software that makes it easy to schedule and fill your classrooms with students who need care, even when their desired needs don’t fit the archaic every day 8am to 6pm pattern. The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to these needs, with schools running irregular patterns of in person attendance and families having to adapt weekly to the changing environment of our school system.

Child Care Seer’s child care software fully supports the conventional weekly schedules but also makes partial weekly care effortless with best-in-class management of children, staff, and classrooms, including variable plans, direct billing and credit card collection,


By supporting many new ways to fill your classrooms Child Care Seer adds to the flexibility, profitability, and customer satisfaction of your center.

Our childcare software platform supports Hourly/Drop-in Care, Partial Day, Partial Week and many more combinations. And with this flexibility comes the ability to offer pricing and programs to your community to meet their specific needs allowing your school to stand out from the others.

We provide an easy way to price, offer and manage hourly care. Parents are able to request care for the hours they desire, and the center gets a notification and can accept those requests to fill their excess classroom capacity.

Let’s go through an example…

Olivia is a happy little 3-year-old.

Olivia’s parents are looking to book a few hours of childcare Thursday afternoon so John, her father, can be uninterrupted for an important conference call with his team.

Olivia already attends her local Daycare’s morning care program Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so John logs in to Child Care Seer’s parent portal and requests the time he needs.

Joanna, The Daycare’s Assistant Director, is reviewing the Staff’s schedules when John has clicked submit.

Joanna receives a Notification of a new request.

She clicks the notification and see’s John Request along with the availability for Olivia’s age within the center during the time John requested.

She can see that there is availability in the 3-year-old room at this time, which means she can earn more money by accepting John’s request without having to change anything or increasing her costs at all. She accepts and John receives an email letting him know that the daycare has approved his request and can rest assured that when he brings Olivia in that they will be expecting her and ready to provide the high-quality care he’s used to.

If John wasn’t an existing customer – he’d still been able to register with Child Care Seer with a new account, enter Olivia’s information, and perform all of the same steps.

Child Care Seer takes care of making sure Olivia’s registration information is collected and notifies John of what information he’ll need to bring to this first visit.

In only a few clicks of effort, John is impressed with the daycare’s ability to serve his family’s needs, Joanna has filled more of her schedule, and the daycare’s bottom line has been enriched.

How did this all work so easily?

With Child Care Seer daycare management software, the full schedule and current status of each classroom is known at all times, along with the assigned teaching staff and expected children for each moment of the day.

This is easily set up by the daycare as part of running their business, with convenient and time saving features allowing scheduling and planning to be performed quickly each week.

For hourly care, the system allows the daycare to set rates that are different based on day of the week and hours of the day. Coming soon Child Care Seer will also allow Named Hourly Rates Programs and Memberships that go with them.

For new customers, adding the children and parents is simple. Each child is given a homeroom which then allows the system to know that when they attend this is their default location of care.

Child Care Seer lets you see where your children & staff are planned to be, and monitors where they are, each moment of the day ensuring full compliance with ratios and easy communication amongst the staff. This saves HOURS of frustration and pain in operating the daycare, allowing the staff to focus on what they do best – help to raise our community’s children.

Hourly care, for existing and new customers, couldn't be easier – and the benefits to selling unused capacity to those who want to use it are apparent. With Child Care Seer family day care management software everyone benefits.


About Child Care Seer

Software that automates everything for your daycare, pre-school, early education learning center, or after-school learning program.

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