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Child Care Seer Update Spotlight - March 4, 2021

Requests Show Possible Scheduling Issues

Would it help you plan your staffing better if you knew before approving a request exactly what scheduling issues might result? Child Care Seer has that information at your fingertips, right on the screen, right on the request you are viewing!

When you open a visit or enrollment request, if approving the request will result in any scheduling issues over the next four weeks, you’ll see a yellow box indicating how many. When you click Show, you’ll see every detail you need to help you decide how to modify the request, when to adjust your staffing, or if you should decline the request. Seer makes the information you need to fill your space and increase your profitability simple to access and straight forward to use!

child care manager software dashboard

View Multiple Weeks at the Same Time on Availability

Child Care Seer is making it easier than ever to decide if you have room in your center to enroll a child! Now, on the Availability tab, you can see your available slots for the next 8 weeks at a glance. In addition to helping make decisions about regular programs, this view makes it effortless for you to offer flexible care to parents who need it. For example, if a family needed care every other week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons only, could you offer that? Could you figure out if it was a possibility? Now, with Seer, you can with just a few clicks!

To access this function, visit the Availability tab on the Dashboard, and select Multi-week from the date menu on the top left. You may select any or all of the upcoming 8 weeks. When you click Apply, Child Care Seer will show you the lowest number of available slots during any given block of time over the selected weeks. If a slot is green, it is consistently available in your center.

This view can also help you determine if your staffing levels are appropriate to the number of children in care. By showing you what times are most available in your center, Child Care Seer helps you know where to focus your marketing efforts or reduce your staff, both of which help you be more profitable!

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Child Communications Log

In our ongoing efforts to reduce your need for sticky notes, Child Care Seer would like to introduce the Child Communications Log. Did you call a parent to discuss payment arrangements? Maybe you called home to talk about details of a learning disability? Now you can keep a record of all your conversations on the Communications Log tab of the Child Profile page. Staff with Family Viewer permission can add or view entries; staff with Family Manager access can edit an entry left by another person or pin an important item at the top of the list. The Communications Log is for internal communication with your staff only and is not visible via the Child Care Seer Parent Portal.

Add PTO/Holiday Staff Activities

Did a teacher at your center use sick time this week and you want that to appear on their weekly timecard? With Child Care Seer you can! On the Staff Activities page, in addition to a missed check-in or check-out, you can now add an activity to include in your records. When you select Other, you’ll be able to name the activity whatever you like, indicate how many hours were used for the activity, and decide

whether to include these hours in totals for the week.

More Things You’ll Notice in Seer...

Filter the Waitlist by Class, Program, or Age

We’ve added filters to the Waitlist page, allowing you to view requests by desired class or by desired program, or both. Now when you have an upcoming opening, you can easily find which children are waiting for that spot in your center!

Programs Renamed to Pricing

Because Child Care Seer supports much more than Programs, we’ve renamed the Programs page to Pricing. On the Pricing page, you’ll be able to set not only your program details, but also configure hourly care rates, late rates, price overrides, add-on services, fees, credits, discounts, and more!