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Child Care Seer Release Spotlight - May 4, 2021

Waitlist Management Has Arrived!

Our new waitlist management tool makes ordering and tracking families on your waiting list easier than ever! Child Care Seer has updated all Booking Requests to show you more of the information you need when making enrollment decisions without ever leaving the page.

To visit your new waitlist headquarters, navigate to the Booking Requests page on the Dashboard, then select Waitlist. In addition to critical information newly visible on each request, you’ll find all of the powerful tools you need to manage your waitlist on the action menu. As always, you’ll still be able to review, edit, or delete any request from this menu, but for waitlisted requests you can also change considered classes, enter anticipated offer dates, make notes about the request, and view contact information quickly and easily! Seer automatically adds newly waitlisted requests to the end of the list, but all you need to do to move a request to a different position is click and drag it to wherever you like. We’ve even included optional filters to help you view requests by class or by program. Not sure if you can accommodate a request yet? Now you can open the Availability view right from the request!

child care manager software dashboard

Child Care Seer has updated all Booking Requests to include the most important details of the request: Dates, times, program name or visit length, price, child’s home class, who made the request, and more! In addition, we’ve added a Child Highlights section which reflects all Tags that have been applied to the child, including your new custom tags discussed below.

Now you’ve truly got all the information you need to make enrollment decisions all in one place, right on your Child Care Seer screen!

daycare director scheduling software

Custom Tags Are Here!

Child Care Seer has updated the Tags on children to be more flexible, more informative, more usable and (finally) customizable to the needs of your center! We’ve added many new system tag categories, giving each a corresponding icon and distinct color to help you see critical information at a glance. And now daycare managers can add center-specific tags on the settings page.

To see more details, visit the Daycare menu, on the Settings tab. Then select Tags on the bottom left.

To add a new tag, simply select Add Tag and name it whatever you like. Be sure to select a color and corresponding icon to help recognize your tag throughout Child Care Seer. Category tags require further details, such as an allergy; and label tags are generally “yes or no” questions, such as whether this is a military family. Click the blue check and your tag is ready to use for any child in Seer!

Custom tags may be edited or deleted, but please note that this will affect all places where this tag is currently in use. System tags cannot be edited or deleted.

Document Expiration Notifications and Report

Child Care Seer’s mission is to help you see into the future of your daycare and take appropriate action today. To that end, we have expanded your ability identify and take action on documents before they expire. In addition to warning icons on expired or soon-expiring documents, Child Care Seer has a new report to show you exactly what documents need your attention for families and staff! Staff managers and family managers will also receive in-app notifications when documents are about to expire or expired. For families, child managers will receive in-app notifications about public document expirations related to their children.

To find the new reports, visit the new Expirations section of the Reports menu. For your convenience, we’ve separated family documents from staff documents, and we’ve included validation form expirations as well. When you view one of these reports, you’ll be able to see exactly which documents for which children or staff are expiring or expired, the expiration date, and even the person that originally uploaded the document! You can also choose to ignore expiration dates if you like.

Documents are considered to be “expiring soon” starting 35 days prior to expiration. As a result, if you view the report on the first of the month, you’ll know exactly which documents need to be updated before the next month begins.

Bulk Check-In and Check-Out

We know that a good feature in Child Care Seer is one that save you time and clicks. We have now added the ability for you to check children in or out of your daycare in a single group. This new feature is especially useful when children depart or arrive on a bus or van before and after school.

There are two ways to initiate this action. Either select the blue Check-In button on the Dashboard and then select children, or select several children from the Child List and then select Check-In or Out as appropriate from the bottom menu. Seer will prompt you to indicate the responsible staff member, and you can optionally leave a note (such as the bus number) which will be recorded on each child’s activities page.

More Things You’ll Notice in Seer...

Change Class Dialog Updated

We’ve redesigned the change-class dialog box to be more intuitive and easier to use. Current and scheduled classes now appear at the top of the list, and changing classes has never been easier for staff and children!

Export Staff Weekly Timecard Summary

The Staff Weekly Timecard has a new option for export. Now, you can download the same summary info that appears on your screen. For those times when you just want total hours worked without all the details, select export and then select the summary report of your choice.

Events Show on Availability Page

In order for Child Care Seer to better assist with determining available slots, we now encourage you to specify typical ages on your educational classes. Seer will not give warnings for children outside these age ranges, but it will show your families availability in your center based on their child’s age. To complete setup of the availability calendar view for parents, you’ll want to visit the Daycare Settings page to select the options best for your center’s needs. This new feature will expand your ability to match a family’s need with your facility’s availability, improving parent satisfaction and your overall financial performance.

Ability to Restrict Staff or Adult Access to Seer

Now you can restrict access in Child Care Seer for a staff member or adult even after they’ve accepted their invite and set up an account. We want to give you complete control over your center at all times. To complete this process, visit the action menu for any adult or staff member on the corresponding summary list page.


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