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$150USD /month

  • Real-time Dashboard for Your Entire Center

  • Enrollment Planning for the Present and Future

  • Automated Invoicing & Billing

  • Automatic Pre-pay for Parents

  • Contactless Check-in/out for Children & Staff

  • Offer and Manage Waitlists

  • Unrivaled Flexibility in Programs

  • Effortlessly Manage Hourly Drop-ins

  • Room Ratios & Staff Scheduling

  • Parents Have 24/7 Access to Their Account

  • Unlimited Staff & Students

Child Care Seer


General Manager, Locust Grove, VA

"Compared to other childcare management programs, Seer makes everyday tasks simple and painless. The check-in Kiosk helps with checking families and staff in and out. The automated payment option for families helps ensure that payments are made on time to avoid the late fee. Parents also enjoy being able to see what their account Looks like from the Parent Portal.”

Child Care Seer


Center Director, Fredericksburg VA

"Seer has really made my job easy as a Program Manager - Billing is easy and painless - Class schedules are easily viewed and the parents love being able to access their child’s account! Looking forward to what the future holds and all the new features!”

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Is there any software I need to install?

Child Care Seer is a web-based app. There is no need to download anything. No mobile apps required. Just login from any device with a web connection and it will be automatically optimized for your device whether you are the owner, director, teacher or parent.


How secure will my data be?

We are also child care providers and have vast experience in early childhood education on our team. We know the importance of keeping your children and information as secure as possible. We have invested a great deal of time and resources to ensure that your data will be available, backed up, and protected period.


How do I get help when I get started?

We have included a robust yet intuitive setup process. The first time you login, the platform will guide you through importing your data, setting up your classrooms, and adding children to your programs. If at any point you need help, our helpful Customer Support team is standing by to assist you with whatever you need.


Simply email us at and we will make sure the tranisition is seamless.

Join us for a quick demo to show you how you can start earning more, spending less time managing, and focusing more on the kids while we automate the time-consuming stuff!

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