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COVID-19 Solutions


Child Care Seer provides a complete suite of tools to run a childcare center smoothly in the new normal caused by pandemic

family looking for COVID-19 daycare solution

Designed to Be Flexible

flexible child care billing software


Child Care Seer provides a full set of features to easily adapt to changes with lots of freedom in setting up programs and services


Provide hourly care and custom programs


Support a custom schedule for every kid


Adjust schedule in a last minute


Adjust age ratios & room capacity


Touchless Kiosk


Quickly check-in and check-out  using your phone.

touchless Kiosk daycare check-in for parents

Check-in and check-out via kiosk


Check-in and check-out using smartphone

Online payments


Accept a variety of payment methods, allow parents to pay via the parent portal

daycare online payment and billing software

Book and pay services ahead via the parent portal


Load  seer wallet balances to easily pay for ad-hoc services or shared bills


Slit bills with other family members, do partial payments


Subscribe for auto-payments, so that your balance never goes negative


Pay all charges in one place


Digital financial reporting

Room planning
& tracking


Control ratios, and room capacity based on the recommended guidelines

daycare room planning and tracking during COVID-19
live child care classroom software
Live Classroom


The bird eye view on who is where, possibility to quickly move children and staff, merge classes, perform other last-time changes.

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