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Child Care Seer Release Spotlight - March 2, 2022

Free Version of Child Care Seer®

Why just download a free trial when you can use Child Care Seer® for free?! Why sit through a product sales demo when you can start building your own center right now for free?! Need help getting started? Our training and how-to videos are available to everyone, and our Help button is on the lower left of every Seer page for every user. For free. Forever. No credit card. No kidding!

Child Care Seer

Our free version includes one Family Connection class and allows up to 10 children to check-in per day, as many times as needed. Perfect for small childcare settings.

Maybe you have a larger center but want to try Seer before making the switch? Take as much time as you need, and then upgrade when you are ready.

As always, there are no contracts. We’re confident you’ll love us, and because you love us you’ll stay!

Pop on over to our website,, to check it out!

When you decide to upgrade, head over to the Seer Licensing settings page to manage your subscription, update payment methods, print invoices, and more.

ACH Payments Accepted

Your center accepts ACH payments and so does Child Care Seer®! If you’ve already set up Online Payments, you’re ready to start using ACH. If not, what are you waiting for? In addition, we allow you to decide which forms of payment to accept.

Adults should visit their Money tab to set up ACH under Payment Methods. Even easier, they can select ACH to pay any bill and Seer will send them to the setup page.

Quick Family Add

There’s a New button on your Dashboard! Start common additions to your center with just one click. Need to add a new family, or several, all at once? Now you can! Select “Quick Family Add” to add a child and their primary adults within moments. You can even add a sibling with just one click!

Coming soon, enroll children easily using Quick Family Add...

Allergies Report

Thank you, Tassia, at Playful Learner’s Preschool, for suggesting an easy-to-use Allergy Report. Visit the Reports page to view all children with an Allergy Tag in one location, along with their primary and emergency contact information. Easily filter by homeclass, or even by a particular allergy. Export a basic report to display in the classroom, or the full report to keep in your files.

Other Updates You'll Notice in Child Care Seer®...

Tool Tips

Throughout Seer, you’ll find informational tool tips to help you explore our many features. Just hover your mouse over the ⓘ.

Child Care Seer

Daycare now Center

To be more respectful to all our customers, we’ve changed “daycare” to “center” throughout Child Care Seer. You’ll especially notice this on the left-side menu, where settings to help you customize Seer are now located in My Center.


While visiting the My Center page, be sure to add your Closed Days beneath your childcare’s Operating Hours.

Byline on Messages

The Inbox now includes a byline below each message to indicate which staff member responded in the discussion. Parents will still see all messages coming from your center rather than a specific staff member.

Custom Child Export

There is a new option on the Child page. Create a Custom Export to meet your reporting requirements.

Child Care Seer

About Child Care Seer

Software that automates everything for your daycare, pre-school, early education learning center, or after-school learning program.

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